Christopher Nolan’s Oppenheimer Just Got Its First Trailer Teaser And It’s Chilling

Christopher Nolan’s Oppenheimer Just Got Its First Trailer Teaser And It’s Chilling

Oppenheimer revealed its first footage, and Christopher Nolan’s vision looks epic.

Christopher Nolan’s Oppenheimer First Look #shorts

Here’s a world exclusive look at Christopher Nolan’s, Oppenheimer, from Total Film’s upcoming 2023 Preview cover story. Featuring Cillian Murphy as J. Robert Oppenheimer, Emily Blunt as Kitty Oppenheimer, and Robert Downey Junior as Lewis Strauss, plus a behind-the-scenes look at Nolan, Murphy, and cinematographer Hoyte van Hoytema on set. The film opens in cinemas on July 21, 2023. Let us know how excited are you? #shorts #oppenheimer #christophernolan #movienews #news #latestnews

OPPENHEIMER – Christopher Nolan Interview, New Images & Details From Total Film

Christopher Nolan’s Oppenheimer interview, new images and details from Total Film. The Oppenheimer trailer and footage has been great so far, but Total Film has now revealed a new look at Christopher Nolan’s new World War 2 film. The new photos and interview with Christopher Nolan give us some new information surrounding the film, a biopic on the real-life story of J. Robert Oppenheimer. In this video, I breakdown the new Oppenheimer movie images and details, giving you my reaction to all the reveals from the exclusive Total Film article. What is your reaction to the new images and interview from Oppenheimer? Let me know in the comments below.

Oppenheimer is an upcoming American biographical film written and directed by Christopher Nolan. It is based on American Prometheus, a biography of J. Robert Oppenheimer written by Kai Bird and Martin J. Sherwin. The film is a co-production between Syncopy Inc. and Atlas Entertainment; Nolan produced the film alongside Emma Thomas and Charles Roven. Cillian Murphy leads an ensemble cast as Oppenheimer, the theoretical physicist who is among those credited with being the “father of the atomic bomb” for his role in the Manhattan Project—the World War II undertaking that developed the first nuclear weapons. The film stars Cillian Murphy, Emily Blunt, Florence Pugh, Robert Downey Jr., Matt Damon, Rami Malek, Benny Safdie, Josh Hartnett, Dane DeHaan, Jack Quaid, Matthew Modine, Dylan Arnold, David Krumholtz, Alden Ehrenreich, David Dastmalchian, Olli Haaskivi, Jason Clarke, James D’Arcy, Michael Angarano, Guy Burnet, Danny Deferrari, Matthias Schweighöfer, Gary Oldman, Harrison Gilbertson, Emma Dumont, Devon Bostick, Trond Fausa, Christopher Denham, Josh Zuckerman, Josh Peck and Olivia Thirlby.

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OPPENHEIMER Teaser Trailer Breakdown & Review:

Christopher Nolan’s OPPENHEIMER – Why It Can Be The Perfect Nolan Movie:

Christopher Nolan’s OPPENHEIMER – The Full Cast Explained:

Christopher Nolan’s OPPENHEIMER – The Real Story Of His New Movie:

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Christopher Nolan On TENET – The Full Interview:

OPPENHEIMER – Teaser Trailer:

0:00 Intro
1:06 Oppenheimer New Images And Christopher Nolan Interview
3:03 Oppenheimer Nuclear Bomb Scene Without CGI
5:27 Oppenheimer New Black And White IMAX Film
6:41 Christopher Nolan On Cillian Murphy And Robert Downey Jr

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OPPENHEIMER – Christopher Nolan Interview, New Images & Details From Total Film

Christopher Nolan’s Oppenheimer Teaser Hits The Web

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Oppenheimer (2023) – The story of American scientist J. Robert Oppenheimer and his role in the development of the atomic bomb.

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OPPENHEIMER – Teaser Trailer (2023)

From the “Empire Award Winner” Filmmaker Christopher Nolan, comes another Epic Action Thriller OPPENHEIMER, in theaters 21 July, 2023.

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